Why Upgrade to Fathom 2? - Page 3 New GRAPHING capabilities


Multiple Attributes on Graph Axes This profound change solves many graphing problems present in Version 1 and makes possible a host of new graphs.

Link Axes You can now link axes so that their scales match, and stay matched, even when rescaled.

Graph Properties Now graphs have their own inspectors that allow you to change the size of points and axis bounds, determine whether axes will automatically rescale, and even change the direction of increasing numbers.

New Bar Charts Two bar charts, one with side-by-side bars and the other with bars split into multiple groups, are now possible.

Show Squares to Plotted Functions In Fathom 1 the squares of residuals could only be shown for lines. Now they can be shown for plotted functions. The sum of squares is shown, as well.

Multiple Movable Lines in Bivariate Plots Now you can add any number of movable lines to a plot.

Least-Squares Regression and Median-Median Lines Computed Separately for Each Cell When a scatter plot has been split with a legend attribute, or with multiple attributes on an axis, computing a fitted line shows the line and its equation for each cell rather than a single line for all the data.

Plotted Function Tracing As your mouse moves over a line or plotted function in a graph, a red dot appears indicating where you are, and the coordinates of the dot appear in the status bar. By clicking the mouse, you can display the coordinates directly in the graph.

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Learn more about Fathom 2's new capabilities for Data, Graphs, Summary Tables, Formulas and the Formula Editor, and Statistical Objects, plus other miscellaneous improvements.

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