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Formulas and the Formula Editor

Formula Editor Improvements

The formula editor was probably the least-loved object in Fathom 1. It has been much improved for Version 2. The changes that are most obvious are:
• Enter or Return now not only accepts the formula, but dismisses the formula editor.
• You can change the size of the font used in editing a formula. If you’re having trouble, use a bigger font.
• The “left side” of the equation is displayed, indicating that you don’t need to type that.
• You can edit a long number by clicking within it and editing (rather than having to replace the whole thing).
• If you want to replace a “nugget” within a complex expression, you can now select what you want to replace and type on top of it. Don’t delete the offending bit first; just replace it.
• Measures now live in their own list, rather than mixed up with attributes.
• We’ve changed the look, rearranged the buttons, and increased the font size for the formula itself. Note, the exponent button is now labeled with a ^.
• When the cursor is in a denominator or exponent, a tip appears informing the user that the right arrow key will move the cursor out of the denominator or exponent.

Rerandomisation Is Much Less Aggressive

Under many, but not all, circumstances in which Fathom 1 would rerandomise all computed values, Version 2 will only rerandomise directly affected values.

New Functions


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