Designed for KS3 students, TinkerPlots brings an interactive dynamic dimension to data explorations in maths and science classrooms!

TinkerPlots helps students see the connection between collecting and analysing data and formulating and testing their own hypotheses.

TinkerPlots was developed by the Statistics Education Research group (SERG) at the University of Massachusetts. The group's mission is to better understand how people reason about probability, statistics and data analysis, and to use this understanding to improve the teaching of these topics.

Students use TinkerPlots to create colourful visual representations of data - making sense out of numbers and recognising patterns as they unfold. TinkerPlots' amazing computer learning environment lets students learn by investigation. Download TinkerPlots leaflet.

What can you and your students do with TinkerPlots?

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Above: A look at the nutritional value of cereals. Click on screenshots to see bigger versions

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Minimum System Requirements: Windows: Pentium-based system or equivalent, Windows 98, XP or later, 64mb RAM, 100mb free disk space.
Macintosh: PowerPC-based system, Mac OS 10.1 or later, 128mb RAM, 100mb free disk space. Published by KCP.

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