FX MathPack

So what is in FX MathPack - Four powerful, complementary products that can make life much easier for teachers and students. FX Draw and FX Equation are designed primarily for teacher use to produce mathematical diagrams and equations. FX Graph and FX Stat are designed primarily for student use to promote exploration in a powerful mathematical environment.

FX Draw 6 - The Only Drawing Tool Designed For Mathematics Teachers and Students. Now includes 3D! NEW
FX Equation 5 - Astoundingly Quick Equations
FX Graph 6 - Powerful Graphing made Dead Simple - Mac version now available too! NEW
FX Stat 3 - A Statistics Package Designed for Secondary Schools

Follow the links above for more detail on the four individual components of FX MathPack. They are available for outright purchase separately, or by yearly subscription including upgrades.

Teachers - download fully functional copies of the four products that will run for thirty days. This allows you to fully evaluate the products' features. If you decide to purchase a subscription we will send you an unlock code that will let you use the products for your subscription period.

FX Draw - Professional Quality Mathematical Diagrams

FX Draw 6 is a mathematically aware drawing surface that understands what it is that you are trying to produce and provides you with tools specifically designed to make your job easier. No matter what you need to draw, FX Draw is likely to have a tool devoted to the task. FX Draw is an essential tool for any mathematics teacher's toolbox. Now includes 3D!

FX Draw's new automatic point marking in action

FX Draw provides specialized tools for drawing angles, graphs, normal distribution curves, Venn diagrams and triangles. It also comes supplied with a gallery of over three hundred pre-drawn images. Just about any mathematical image you will ever need can be drawn quickly and easily using FX Draw.

If you want to design your own worksheets, tests, examinations or any other mathematical document, there is simply no better tool available. Dozens of publishers around the world utilize FX Draw's features to write their materials.
Just some FX Draw creations

Why struggle with tools that were not designed with you in mind?

Available for Windows and Mac.

FX Draw 5 introduces an exciting new technology that you will be seeing more of soon - FX Autoquate

FX Autoequate

FX Equation - Simply the Fastest Way to Enter Mathematical Equations

FX Equation 5 was developed to be fast and does most things automatically - there is no search and click with the mouse, you simply type in the information and FX Equation formats it. This provides a massive improvement in ease of use and productivity.

FX Equation samples

Efofex has taken the function graphing and statistical tools from FX Draw and made them available for use by students. They are the SAME tools as the ones in FX Draw without all the extra bits that might just distract students. The nice thing is that all the skills you learn for FX Draw can be immediately transferred to these products.

FX Graph - Powerful Graphing - Dead Simple

FX Graph 6 includes dozens of features that greatly enhance its role as both a teaching tool and a publication tool. It makes using a graphing program with students easy and practical. If you have ever looked at a graphing package and said "Great features, but I haven't got time to teach the students how to use it" you will appreciate FX Graph's ease-of-use and intuitive interface. Students can use FX Graph with little, if any, tuition and will quickly be finding points of intersection, maxima and minima to name a few. And now, with version 5 it's available for the Mac too!

FX Graph 4 Integral Approximation

FX Graph 5 lets you produce animations such as this in no time at all. Our Distribution Licence even gives you the option of GIVING the product to your students for use at home.

FX Stat 3 - A Statistics Program Designed For Secondary Schools

Years ago, mathematics teachers taught statistics using tables books and tedium. Later they had the choice of simple calculator tools or computer packages that were overly complex and designed for university based courses. Now they have the choice of a statistics package designed specifically for secondary school statistics. Full Details. Download

FX Stat makes statistical graphs easy

Students and teachers find FX Stat's analytical abilities easy to master and welcome the ability to produce high-quality, statistically correct graphics for use in tests, examinations, worksheets and assignments.

Prices and Licences

Our distribution subscriptions also give you the right to charge students a small annual fee for use of the software.  Many schools make a little profit out of the package.

Teachers - download a free trial or order your licence today.