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Other Miscellaneous Changes

Powerful New Slider Capabilities

While preserving ease of use for getting started with sliders, Fathom 2 greatly increases slider usefulness: control animation speed, restrict values to multiples, compute slider value with a formula, refer to collection attributes and measures in a slider formula, allow self-reference in slider formulas.

Duplicate Object

Select a Fathom object and duplicate it. This really helps when you’ve gone to a lot of trouble to get something just the right size, with the right attributes on it, and the perfect format; and now you want another one that you’ll modify just a bit.

• Move selected objects with keyboard arrows.
• If a case table or text object is selected, Page Up, Page Down, Home, and End keys will navigate through it.
• If no case table or text object is selected, Page Up, Page Down, Home, and End keys will navigate through the document.
• It is now much easier to navigate through the case table and inspector tables with the keyboard. When editing attribute names in a case table, Tab will take you to the next attribute. When editing attribute, measure, or category names in an inspector, Enter or Return will take you to the next attribute.

Sorting in Graphs and Summary Tables

The categories displayed in many graphs and summary tables can now be sorted.


There a few more preferences, which Fathom remembers the next time you launch it: three default font sizes, an option to not show statistical objects on the shelf (to be less confusing to nonstatistics users), an option for the display of linear equations, and the ability to set the default verbosity of statistical objects.

Change Case Order and Attribute Order

Sorting data in a case table now changes the order of cases in the underlying collection. In addition, changing the order of attributes in the case table affects that order in inspectors, and vice versa.

Multiple Attribute Drag

You can now select more than one attribute in a case table and put them all in a graph, summary table, or statistical object with one drag-and-drop move.

Other Improvements
• You can now copy a picture of an object (especially a graph) even when cases are selected.
• Double-clicking a column boundary in the case table automatically resizes that column to be the right width to show all its values. A menu command allows you to do this to multiple columns or all columns.
• Clicking on cells in a summary table selects all the cases corresponding to that cell. If all the cases corresponding to a cell are selected, the cell highlights.
• The command File | Open Sample Document takes you directly into the Sample Documents folder so you don’t have to search for it (provided your sample documents are stored in the same folder as the application).
• The Help menu has commands that will open your Web browser to useful online locations.

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Learn more about Fathom 2's new capabilities for Data, Graphs, Summary Tables, Formulas and the Formula Editor, and Statistical Objects, plus other miscellaneous changes.

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