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The Geometer's Sketchpad® Version 5


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Dynamic Geometry® Software for Exploring Mathematics

Year 3 to College

The Geometer's Sketchpad is a dynamic construction, demonstration, and exploration tool that adds a powerful dimension to the study of mathematics. You and your students can use this software program to build and investigate mathematical models, objects, figures, diagrams, and graphs.

Introductory Videos

See for yourself how Sketchpad can work in your classroom!

Sketchpad SnapshotsVideo Icon

Students and teachers describe Sketchpad, how they use it, and the mathematics they’ve learned with it.

The Big PictureVideo Icon

Sketchpad’s designer Nick Jackiw discusses the software’s basic ideas through a series of eight major themes, each demonstrated by a specific example.

What's New in Sketchpad 5Video Icon

Learn more about the new features in Sketchpad 5 in this video or read about them here.

Learn More:

If you are looking for Sketchpad 4, see here.