Why Upgrade to Fathom 2? - Page 2 New DATA capabilities


U.S. Census Microdata from 1850 to 2000 A new and easy-to-use interface makes it possible to import historical and current census microdata containing more than 50 attributes about individuals who filled out the long form of the census.

Units Fathom 2 recognizes and understands units, from pounds to fathoms. This means you can now have data that answer the question “How many what’s?” Unit designations appear on graphs and other objects. You can easily convert from one unit to another; formulaic computations respect units and can include explicit mention of units.

Table Join Let’s say you have two different collections and there is an attribute they both have that can serve as a key for looking up values. Drag this attribute from one case table to its mate in the other case table to join the two collections. The information in the first is looked up in the second.

Category Sets Get control over how categorical attributes behave: control their order, force null categories to appear in graphs and tests (for example, in a dice-rolling experiment, when you didn’t get any 3s) using the Category Sets feature.

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Learn more about Fathom 2's new capabilities for Data, Graphs, Summary Tables, Formulas and the Formula Editor, and Statistical Objects, plus other miscellaneous improvements.

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