Whiteboard or data projector animated presentations for GCSE Mathematics.
These exemplary presentations are ideal tools for those teaching GCSE Mathematics.  They cover all the theory for Data Handling and, in addition, provide worked examples, summaries and introductory exercises to test students’ understanding - with solutions.  Whilst aimed principally at whole class teaching, they can be used by individual students or small groups to help them when they have missed work or when they are revising.

There are 30 files.  Where possible, real data has been used so that students see the relevance of the topics to everyday life.  Text, diagrams and examples are animated to explain and enliven the work and teachers can control the speed at which the presentations run and pause whenever they wish.  From time to time, the presentations ask students to share ideas so that they gain confidence.

All you need is a Data Projector or Interactive Whiteboard and a computer running Microsoft Powerpoint (Office 2002 or later).

Single user: £39 + vat
Site Licence £150 + vat
Extended Site £249 + vat


Three Ms and Range; More about the three Ms; Frequencies and the Mean; Grouped Data and the Mean; Discrete and Continuous Data; Pictograms, Bar Charts and Line Graphs; Reading Pie Charts; Drawing Pie Charts; Reading Stem and Leaf Diagrams;  Drawing Stem and Leaf Diagrams; Frequency Diagrams; Histograms: Equal Class Widths; Scatter Graphs; Introduction to Probability; Probability: Theory and Experiment; Sample Spaces; Two-way Tables; Index Numbers; Census and Sampling;
Cumulative Frequencies and Diagrams; Using a Cumulative Frequency Diagram; Box Plots; Histograms: Unequal Class Width; Time Series and Moving Average; Probability and 2 Events; Tree Diagrams; Sampling Methods

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