Whiteboard or data projector animated presentations for GCSE Mathematics.

All you need is a Data Projector or Interactive Whiteboard and a computer running Microsoft Powerpoint (Office 2002 or later).

Designed for whole class teaching and revision of GCSE Shape, Space and Measure.  There are 113 files: 30 foundation/basic, 45 overlap (covering the work likely to be examined with questions graded C or D so needed at both foundation and higher levels) and 38 higher.


Angles; Lines; Parallel Lines and Angles; Bearings; Types of Triangles; Exterior Angle of a Triangle; Proofs of Triangle Properties; Perimeters; Area of a Rectangle; Congruent Shapes; Congruent Triangles; Constructing Triangles; Bisectors; Perpendiculars; Internal Angles; External Angles; Parallelograms; Angle Proof for Parallelograms; Trapezia; Allied Angles; Kites; Tesselations; Lines of Symmetry; Rotational Symmetry; Identifying Quadrilaterals; Coordinates; Reading Scales; Scales and Maps; Midpoint of AB; Area of Parallelogram; Area of a Triangle; Area of a Trapezium; Area of a Kite; More Complicated Areas; Angles of Polygons; Regular Polygons; Metric Units; Miles and KM; Feet and Metres; Pints, Gallons, Litres; Pounds and Kilograms; Accuracy in Measurements; Speed; Density; Pythagoras’ Theorem; More Perimeters; Length of AB; 3D Coordinates; Volume of a Cuboid and Isometric Drawing; Nets of a Cuboid and Cylinder; Plan and Elevation; Symmetry of Solids; More Nets; Volumes of Prisms; Dimensions; Surface Area of a Cuboid; Surface Area of a Prism and Cylinder; Reflections; More Reflections; Even More Reflections; Enlargements; More Enlargements; Similar Shapes; Effect of Enlargements; Rotations; Translations; Mixed and Combined Transformations; Circle Words; Circle Circumference; Circle Area; Loci; Angles and Parallel Lines; Bearings; Proof of Triangle Properties; Bisectors; Perpendiculars; Even More Constructions; Angle Proof for Parallelograms; Allied Angles; Identifying Quadrilaterals; Midpoint of AB; Area of a Parallelogram; Volumes - uniform cross sections; Dimensions; Surface Area - prism and cylinder; Harder Volumes; Volumes and Surface Areas of Pyramids and Cones; Volume and Surface Area of a Sphere; Areas of Similar Shapes and Volumes of Similar Solids; Mixed and Combined Transformations; Negative Enlargements; Congruent Triangles; Using Congruence; Similar Triangles - proof, finding sides; Sin x; Inverse Sines; Cos x and Tax x; Solving Problems using Trig; Sin Rule; Cosine Rule; Vectors; Circumference; Area; Chords and Tangents; Angle in a Segment, Semi-circle and Cyclic Quadrilateral; Alternate Segment Theorem; Arc Length and Area of Sectors; Loci, Right Angled Triangles in 3D, Sine and Cosine Rules in 3D, Stretching Trig Graphs.

Teach GCSE Maths - Volume 1: Shape, Space and Measures
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