FX SciencePack

FX SciencePack

Efofex's FX SciencePack contains three of the most powerful and useful science tools available for teachers and students. An FX SciencePack subscription lets you use all of the products for one very low yearly rate.

The Products

Follow the links for more details on the individual products.

The Pack

You can download FX SciencePack from the links above. These downloads contain fully functional copies of the three products that will run for thirty days. This allows you to fully evaluate the products' features. If you decide to purchase a subscription we will send you an unlock code that will let you use the products for your subscription period.

Subscription Options

FX SciencePack is offered in three, very flexible, subscription levels:

Our distribution subscriptions also give you the right to charge students a small annual fee for use of the software. Many schools make a little profit out of our packages.

Product Uses

FX Chem makes writing chemical equations dead simple. You just type and FX Chem knows enough about chemistry to put all of the components of the equation into the right spots. FX Chem can even produce nuclear chemistry equations - something that is very difficult in Word. As one of our customers said

"FX Chem is an amazing product. It gives me much more time to live!"

FX ChemStruct does to organic structures what FX Chem does for chemical equations. Just type the structural formula of a compound and FX ChemStruct will draw a structural diagram. No "drawing" required.

FX Equation is a totally different way of entering equations. No other program can rival FX Equation's easy, high speed creation of secondary science equations. FX Equation is for anyone who gets frustrated with their current equation editor.

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