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Does Typing Chemical Equations Give You Nightmares?

Ok. So typing them may not give you nightmares but it certainly isn't much fun. Superscripts, subscripts, italics and arrows are all tedious to produce and you could be doing something more enjoyable with your time. FX Chem lets you do that.

FX Chem makes typing chemical equations almost as easy as typing your name.

With FX Chem, you just type the information and FX Chem does the formatting for you. FX Chem understands enough about chemistry to recognise the various components of a chemical equation and puts them in the right place for you.

For example: If you want

just load FX Chem and type

nio2(s) + 2h2o(l) + 2e- =>ni(oh)2(s) + 2oh-(aq)

You do not have to do any more work. FX Chem will capitalise the elements and put everything in the correct location - all automatically. FX Chem is so simple to use that we have put all the instructions you need to use it on one side of one piece of paper ... with room to spare.

FX Chem links into your copy of Word and lets you enter chemical equations at the push of a button

Some more examples:


To Get

mno4-(aq) + 8h+(aq) + 5e- <> mn2+(aq) + 4h2o(l)

{238,92}u + {1,0}n => {239,92}u => {239,93}Np + {0,-1}e

c6h12o6(aq) ="yeast"> 2c2h5oh(aq) + 2co2(g)

ch3chch2 + hoh =h2so4,"Sulphuric Acid"> ch3chohch3

"FX Chem is an amazing product. It will give me a lot more time to live!"

UK teacher J. Machin


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