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Draw Chemical Structures Easily

Chemical structures are extremely difficult to draw using standard drawing tools and even specialised tools can be slow and cumbersome. What teachers need is a quick way of drawing chemical structures - FX ChemStruct. If, for example, you want to draw a simple structure like acetic acid

FX Chemstruct image

FX ChemStruct makes it easy. Simply push the FX ChemStruct button on your toolbar and type


and push the green tick to return to Word. That's all!

All sorts of chemical structures and equations are possible. Just type the structure you want, select the display option you require and a few clicks later you will have publication quality diagrams for your document. No "drawing" is required.


To Get


FX Chemstruct image


FX Chemstruct image


FX Chemstruct image

ca so4

FX Chemstruct image


FX Chemstruct image


FX Chemstruct image

bzcooh + socl2 => bzcocl + so2 + hcl

FX Chemstruct image

FX ChemStruct displays the formatted structure as you type and you have access to many different display options. The structure appears in your document and may be edited later.

There is no easier way to get chemical structures into your documents


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