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  • WirisQuizzes for Brightspace

    WirisQuizzes for Brightspace

    Add WirisQuizzes as a remote plugin in Brightspace through LTI.

    Create STEM quizzes in Brightspace thanks to WirisQuizzes, our assessment tool that allows you to break the typical limitations of multiple choice questions.

    WirisQuizzes for Brightspace will be the perfect tool to improve your students' learning process with real-time feedback. WirisQuizzes' responses and grades may be reviewed in the same manner as standard Brightspace quizzes.

WirisQuizzes integrates seamlessly with all these VLE / LMS platforms:

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Chartwell-Yorke (UK and Ireland distributors)

WirisQuizzes is available in the UK and Ireland from Chartwell-Yorke. It's suprisingly affordable. Contact Philip Yorke to discuss how many staff and students you'd like to benefit from it.