Empower STEM Questions in Digital Learning

Break the limits of online STEM assessment. WirisQuizzes adds random variables to the questions you write and takes care of the grading, giving you more free time to focus on content and students' progression.

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Wiris Quizzes integrates seamlessly with all these VLE/LMS platforms:

WirisQuizzes, Professors


Discover how WirisQuizzes expands the possibilities of Maths and STEM assessments in your VLE/LMS platform.

  • Enhance the quality of STEM assignments

    Test students' conceptual knowledge thanks to the ability to ask and evaluate open questions.

  • Go beyond multiple-choice questions

    Create exams with random parameters and dynamise your remote STEM assessment.

  • graph tool icon
    Graph Tool

    Use our Graph Tool to test students' understanding of functions representations as well as geometrics.

  • Mitigate cheating

    Mitigate cheating with WirisQuizzes! The use of random variables assures you that every student in the class has a different exam.

  • Save time

    Save time grading exams with WirisQuizzes auto-grade technology. Give yourself the ability to spend more time teaching!

WirisQuizzes, Students


WirisQuizzes revolves around students' progression and ensures that the taught concepts are fully acquired.

  • Overview

    Ensure students' understanding of key concepts by giving them the ability to explain their reasoning and receive step-by-step and tailored feedback on their answers.

  • Repeat exercises any time

    Learners can use the ability to randomise values to repeat the same exercise, helping them strengthen their learning.

  • Handwriting Recognition

    Answer on the go with our handwriting recognition feature, allowing students to answer the STEM questions from their tablets or mobile devices.

  • Scratch-Pad

    Make use of our new "Scratch-Pad" allowing students to explain their reasoning.

  • graph tool icon
    Respond with graphical answers

    Not only can the students respond with mathematical language, but they can also reply with graphical elements and draw functions.

  • accesibility icon
    WirisQuizzes is for all

    We meet VPAT accessibility requirements in order to leave no-one behind.

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WirisQuizzes, System Administrators

System Administrators

WirisQuizzes has been thought to seamlessly integrate it in your existing workflow to maintain consistency in both lecturers' and learners' experience.

  • lms-icon
    Integration into LMS platforms

    WirisQuizzes integrates into your existing VLE/LMS platform (see below)

  • custom-integration-icon
    Custom integration

    We support custom integration for specific needs

  • training-program-icon
    Training programs

    Take advantage of our training programs to ensure that all your lecturers are proficient with WirisQuizzes, maximizing the use of your VLE/LMS.

Chartwell-Yorke (UK and Ireland distributors)

WirisQuizzes is available in the UK and Ireland from Chartwell-Yorke. It's suprisingly affordable. Contact Philip Yorke to discuss how many staff and students you'd like to benefit from it.