Wiris Quizzes enhances your LMS or your questionnaire with mathematical features.

Tangent line to a function at a point

Learning platforms have become essential tools for digital teaching. But for teachers of STEM subjects, they still present some difficulties. For example, creating questionnaires or exams with mathematical language is both complex and very limited. In not seeing their needs met, many teachers choose to give up on learning platforms, so they end up being underused.

Is there a solution to this challenge?

We introduce Wiris Quizzes - the solution that integrates into your educational platform and enhances the quizzing evaluation system for STEM subjects.

With Wiris Quizzes, teachers, students, and system administrators will find their needs fully covered.

For Moodle sites we provide you with new Maths and Science question types.

Enhance your Maths and Science Quizzes

See how Wiris Quizzes lets you set work, including with random values, get it marked automatically, checking additional properties of the student's answer, embedding answers and graphics, at a wide range of levels.


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Chartwell-Yorke (UK and Ireland distributors)

Wiris Quizzes is available in the UK and Ireland from Chartwell-Yorke. It's suprisingly affordable. Contact Philip Yorke to discuss how many staff and students you'd like to benefit from it.