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BufferFish is created specifically for science professionals working in laboratories for Chemistry and Biology. The purpose of BufferFish is to help life scientists prepare their experiments and communicate their results by providing technology for easy laboratory calculations, results, analysis, visualization, and sharing.

Discover BufferFish’s integrated tools for life scientists

  • Concentration calculator
    Concentrations Calculator

    Calculate now the biochemical properties step-by-step on our online chemical concentrations calculator. You will know the precise amount of units you need for your experiment!

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These scientific tools will be available soon!

  • Concentration calculator
    Concentration Calculator

    Calculate how much of each chemical ingredient you need to take to prepare your experiments. No need to remember the formulas!

  • Protein calculator
    Protein Calculator

    The Protein Calculator can calculate protein parameters (MW, extinction coefficient, concentration) from multiple protein sequences at a time.

  • Gel Analysis
    Gel analysis

    In BufferFish, you can use our gel analysis tool to measure the average and total quantities and determine relative and actual amounts of proteins. Analyzing your gels will take just a few minutes! Edit your results anytime without the need to open the original file.

  • Chromatography Visualization
    Chromatography Visualization

    Visualize and label your chromatograms faster with our BufferFish chromatography visualization tool. Take them to a more professional level for the presentations and reports.

Chartwell-Yorke (UK and Ireland distributors)

Bufferfish is available in the UK and Ireland from Chartwell-Yorke. It's suprisingly affordable. Contact Philip Yorke to discuss how many staff and students you'd like to benefit from it.