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MathType for Blackboard Wiris Quizzes for Blackboard
  • mathtype for blackboard

    MathType for Blackboard

    Writing maths equations in Blackboard is easy with the Maths Editor.

    MathType is the default Blackboard maths editor so you don’t need to install anything to get the best user experience that will boost your productivity.

    Include maths equations in assignments or questions for your students, they will have MathType available to resolve the maths equation. Also MathType allows them to answer questions using handwriting recognition in touchable devices.


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Available for all major educational platforms:

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  • WirisQuizzes for Blackboard

    WirisQuizzes for Blackboard

    Empower STEM questions in remote instruction with WirisQuizzes for Blackboard.

    Easily create exams with open questions and random parameters instead of multiple-choice questions, to improve their remote assessment. Instructors save time grading exams with Wiris Quizzes auto-grade technology.

    The students not only can respond with mathematical language, but they can also respond with graphical elements and draw functions, because WirisQuizzes understands the graphical answers.

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WirisQuizzes integrates seamlessly with all these VLE / LMS platforms:

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Chartwell-Yorke (UK and Ireland distributors)

Wiris Quizzes is available in the UK and Ireland from Chartwell-Yorke. It's suprisingly affordable. Contact Philip Yorke to discuss how many staff and students you'd like to benefit from it.