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Sketchpad LessonLink

In Depth

Teacher Experience

From the teacher home page, you'll have access to your library of activities. You can quickly find the activity or demonstration that meets your needs.

  • You can browse activities aligned to a specific content strand or topic, textbook chapter or lesson, or state mathematics standard. You'll know that the activities you find can be used to enhance the concepts and skill you're teaching.
  • You can search by key word, grade level, Sketchpad skill level, activity duration, or classroom setting (whole class, student pairs, or independent practice) to find activities and demonstrations that fits your classroom and teaching style.

Selected Activity Overview

In the activity pane, you will see an overview of the activity you have selected, including the title, grade level, setting (whole class, student pairs, or independent practice), duration, a short description, and an image of the accompanying sketch. You can quickly determine if the activity fits your objectives.

You can click on the title of an activity for further details. Pre-built sketches, teaching notes, and student worksheets provide you with everything you need in one place. Tip sheets and videos on using Sketchpad accompany each activity to help you and your students learn and review your Sketchpad skills.

Sketchpad Tip Sheet
Click to enlarge.

You organize the activities you want to use into folders and share those folders with your colleagues or publish them for students.

When you publish a folder for your students, you will assign folder information (including a ClassPass that students will use to access the Student Web Page) and add special instructions for them.

You don't need a computer lab to use Sketchpad LessonLink. You can use the demonstration activities with a single computer and projection system.

Student Experience

Your students will interact with Sketchpad LessonLink through their Student Web Page. From there, they can access the activities you have chosen—including your instructions and the related sketch, worksheet, Sketchpad tips sheets, and videos.