Independent Evaluations of Derive 6 in use by Teachers

The first three detailed reports were independently commissioned by three UK evaluation services. They report teachers actual experiences of installing, using and benefitting from the use of Derive 6. Each focusses on use of Derive at a particular level.

“An extremely powerful tool with extensive functionality. The product will ‘scaffold’ students as they develop understanding of an algorithm’s functioning and its place within mathematics as a problem-solving tool. I found the product highly effective in meeting my intended curriculum needs. In particular, work on balancing equations could not have been replicated using more mainstream programs. The product could be used to introduce topics, allow student exploration to derive rules, or for consolidation tasks.” Full Review

“A brilliant tool for preparing worksheets because it is so easy to present work in a mathematical format and the ability to embed graphs in the worksheet is a bonus. Students can save their work or print out a hard copy so they have a record of what they have done. I would say that it does everything the publisher says it will and more. All in all an impressive piece of software.” Full Review

“Derive 6 is an excellent tool for mathematics students and teachers at Key Stage 4 and above. It solves numeric and symbolic problems and plots results as 2D or 3D graphs. Derive 6 can be used to solve problems involving calculus, matrices and trigonometry. Because the program avoids the risk that the user will make errors in calculation, it frees the user’s mind to concentrate on developing a better understanding of mathematical methods. Derive 6 is supported by an excellent textbook, demo files and videos, making it an ideal tool for students supported by teachers and independent learners.” Full Review

“Too good just for students” Full Review

Derive is no longer available as a separate program, but the Derive code is now incorporated into TI-Nspire CAS software, distributed by Chartwell-Yorke Ltd, 114 High Street, Belmont Village, Bolton, Lancashire, BL7 8AL, UK. Tel +44 (0)1204 811001, fax +44 (0)1204 811008. email,