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Shape, Space, Measures and More CD-ROM by Kate Mackrell, et al

Classroom-ready, curriculum-correlated resources! Over 350 Cabri II Plus and Cabri 3D files providing activities for teaching KS3 and KS4 Shape, Space and Measures, plus great ideas for using Cabri in other areas of the KS3 and KS4 mathematics curriculum, in primary or A-level maths, and also in science.

Files range from simple to quite complex - the simpler files may inspire teachers to construct their own files and the more complex files will provide resources which would otherwise need a substantial investment of time for teachers to develop. An advantage of the Cabri environment is that teachers can adapt files for their own purposes if they want to.

Many of the files were originally developed for the French mathematics curriculum, where there is a strong emphasis on construction, generalisation and proof. As such, these files may provide new insights to British teachers, particularly those who experienced little geometry themselves at school, and will be a source of extension and enrichment for students.

Cabri file from Shape, Space, Measures and More
Cabri 3D Cone in cylinderCabri imagecabri image
BUY NOW Single User £39 + vat, Site £150 + vat, Extended Site including staff and student home use £299 + vat.

Using Cabri Geometry II in Key Stage 3
A book by Jack Jackson
These excellent photocopiable Cabri activities cover all the geometry in the UK Key Stage 3 framework for years 7, 8 and 9.
Contents: Introduction; Getting Started
Geometrical reasoning: lines, angles and shapes
Geometrical reasoning: properties of circles
Construction and loci
Cabri activities mapped to objectives from the KS3 framework

The UK Key Stage 3 Framework specificially recommends the use of dynamic interactive geometry software such as Cabri-Geometry II. Its use is also growing at Key Stage 2 and it has very many uses at KS4 and above also. It can even be used in science and engineering at all levels as a modelling tool (lens, piston, mechanics, counter-current chromatography, the list of applications is vast). The KS3 Framework document is full of Cabri screenshots and recommended activities. A leaflet is available from Chartwell-Yorke which highlights some of these.

£20, photocopiable, 48 pages, ISBN 1-904506-00-3 BUY NOW

Jackson covert

Active Geometry
Active Geometry is a superb collection of 17 files and over 100 student activity worksheets in electronic form for adaption and photocopying.The Active Geometry files are supplied both for Cabri Geometry II and The Geometer's Sketchpad. £29 + vat.

Shape: triangles and quadrilaterals
Area: triangles, quadrilaterals, parallelograms, rectangles, circles
Perimeter: triangles, quadrilaterals
Transformations: reflection, rotation
Equations and gradients of straight lines
Names and properties of quadrilaterals

They can be used with a whole class focus with just one computer in the classroom, or for students working individually or in small groups at a computer.

No previous knowledge of construction techniques is required. Windows and Mac versions are supplied. 29 Pounds Sterling plus vat including site photocopying rights and Site Licence for activity files.

Active Geometry CD-ROM £29 + vat. BUY NOW

Active Geometry CD-ROM