Easy to learn. Easy to use
Cabri handles all the constructions students have traditionally done with ruler, pencil, compass and protractor, and goes much further. Lines, circles, points, triangles, vectors, conics, etc are easily created, manipulated and measured with toolbars and drop-down menus.

Cabri II Plus is also particularly effective for coordinate (analytic) and transformational geometry. Many macros cover a very wide range of applications (for example, non-Euclidean geometry, hyperbolic, spherical, finite, discrete, etc.)

Using powerful, but easy to use, functions Cabri II Plus empowers geometrical exploration from simple figures created by 8/9 year old students to the most complicated for use and research in university. The use of Locus for example often creates spectacular visual effects and insight.

Explore, demonstrate
Alter geometric figures on the screen, to explore generalities. Characteristics of figures are retained throughout transformation.

Students can see patterns, make conjectures, draw their own conclusions, and create alternative examples of the construction.

Sound mathematics
The quality of Cabri II Plus's geometric model and its sound mathematical base make it completely trustworthy software for the study of geometry.

Flexible and adaptable
Cabri II Plus can be adjusted to the student's level by suppressing some menu items or adding powerful functions through macros.

A tool for publishing and simulation
Cabri II Plus is also a remarkable publishing tool helping you to create a great impression. The most complex objects, even in spaces, become high quality geometrical graphics to include in your documents.
The quality of simulations one can build in physics, engineering, astronomy, technical drawing or art, widens its use far beyond mathematics.

An interactive plotter and tracer of functions
Cabri II Plus can not only plot any function f of a variable, instantaneously or dynamically, as a trajectory of the point (x, f(x)) but also curves of similar functions dependent on one or more parameters.
The curves of functions dependent on parameters are modifiable by varying or animating the parameters.

The UK KS3 framework for teaching mathematics
(years 7, 8, 9) strongly recommends the use of dynamic interactive geometry software - and liberally illustrates its use throughout with Cabri screenshots. It's also a powerful tool at primary, KS4, college and university levels.

System Requirements: Windows (98, ME, 2000, XP, NT) 16mb RAM or new Apple Macintosh OSX Native and OS9 version.
Single User 59 GPB + vat, 10-user 175 GBP + vat, 50-user 350 GBP + vat, Site Licence 420 GBP + vat.