These video tutorials will introduce you to the wide range of possibilities offered by Cabri 3D.

Creating a dodecahedron (Java version)

Creating a dodecahedron (Better Flash version)

A line perpendicular to a plane P at point A is perpendicular to all lines of P passing through A

The roof theorem

Other training videos in Flash format from Kate Mackrell-

Kate Mackrell's 2009 Up to Date Cabri 3D version 2 website

  1. Creating a model (unconstrained Claude)
  2. First constraints
  3. Claude with more constraint
  4. Claude - motion by transformation
  5. Claude - create a shadow geometrically an adventure using vectors, line segments, rays etc.

Becta film of Cabri 3D in use at Oakmeads Community College

US Cabri 3D training video from Zebragraph.

Using 3D dynamic geometry software in school mathematics , website from the department of mathematics education, Shinshu University, Japan including lesson plans, worksheets, Cabri 3D files and Flash videos showing you how. Includes:-

  1. Figures in space 14 lessons
  2. Construction of three-dimensional figures 6 lessons
  3. Cutting of three-dimensional figures 5 lessons
  4. Exploration of surface area and volume of three-dimensional figures 3 lessons

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