Adrian Oldknow's Articles using Cabri 3D


  1. The Mathematical Association's Cabri 3D Pages, by Prof. Adrian Oldknow
    These are an amazing series of tutorials and explorations on using Cabri 3D. Professor Oldknow's explorations are enthralling and often into fascinating new territory.
  2. Solid Geometry and Cabri 3D - (Word 432Kb) and a zip of the associated files - (cg3 files - 124 Kb).
  3. Cabri geometry and digital images in bringing geometry to life, and life to mathematics (Word 674 Kb)
  4. Some remarkable geometry - 2D and 3D - ancient and modern (Word - 262 Kb)
  5. Zips of associated Cabri II Plus files 925 Kb and JPEG images 983 Kb.
  6. Page 5 is devoted to Cabri 3D.

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Additional links:

Exploring the tetrahedron with Cabri 3D, Adrian Oldknow, November 2004. This is a preliminary report on discoveries made, and results proved, by a small group of members of the Mathematical Association (UK) – Michael Fox, Adrian Oldknow, John Rigby and Sir Christopher Zeeman – in the course of one month.

Confirming new results in 3D geometry with Autograph 3, Adrian Oldknow, November 2004. In an accompanying report I have described recent advances in the 3D geometry of a special kind of tetrahedron, a 4-ball tetrahedron, which are generalisations of results about triangles, circles and hyperbolae in plane geometry.  In order to visualise some of the results, and to have analytic confirmation (but not general proof) for particular cases we need some analytic tools which are not currently available in Cabri 3D.  At the CabriWorld 2004 conference in Rome this September Douglas Butler talked about the new version of his software Autograph 3 as being complementary to Cabri 3D.  This note gives an example of this in practice.

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