Compound Interest Rate formula example
  • An eclectic mix of traditional, progressive and original mathematical material.
  • Problem solving in engaging real-life contexts and calculator assisted questions.
Use the quadratic formula to solve an equation
  • Exercises generated by random numbers, massive data sets and user-defined values.
  • Interactive, dynamic and versatile activities equivalent to other topic-specific software.
Find the angles indicated on the quadrilateral
  • Controls are strategically placed and all content is presented on a white background.
  • Instant feedback to the teacher and pupils provides formative assessment for learning.
Two spinning disks of numbers, spin, record sum and evaluate relative frequency of each sum
  • Trinity Maths' multiple clue buttons provide differentiation for lower ability pupils.
  • Extension and enrichment activities are included for gifted and talented pupils.
Find mean bounce-height to 1 d.p. of various old tennis balls
  • Maximises the power and potential of the ICT, the successful teacher and the pupil.
  • Trialled & improved at Trinity High School, a DfES designated 'Leading Edge School'.