Cabri 3D, Version 2… A numerical revolution!
A simple and comprehensive software for understanding 3D in the classroom by using direct manipulation.

With Cabri 3D v2, teachers will come to see geometry in space from a new angle: thanks to the Replay construction function, you may revise the various stages of your pupil’s investigations.

Until now three-dimensional geometry was difficult to teach – the complexity of designs in perspective, models that are difficult and time-consuming to construct… Cabri 3D is the only program that enables you to alleviate these construction difficulties and that also contains the benefits of interactive geometry.

With Cabri 3D v2, students will move up a gear: Integrate numerical data into your diagrams. Measure lengths, angles, surfaces, volumes... Then, insert the data to the calculator which produces real-time results. Pilot the dynamics of your diagram according to the results. Then, draw the trajectory of the displaced items.

Tools for students: “from exploration to understanding”

With just a few clicks, students can:

Construct 3-D figures, from the simplest to the most complex, by combining fundamental geometric objects such as points, angles, segments, circles, planes, solids and transformations.

Create expressions using fundamental algebraic concepts, such as numbers, variables and operations.

Connect geometry and algebra by measuring length, angles, area and volume and then attaching these numeric values directly to the figure to use them in calculations or in algebraic expressions.

Explore a figure’s properties by manipulating its variable elements.

         - Observe the effects of dynamic transformations like shrinking and enlarging.

- Make conjectures about algebraic and geometric properties, and then verify relationships among various parts of a figure.

Tools for teachers: “from lesson plans to assessment”
The teacher can:

Create activities that:

         -        facilitate the introduction and understanding of new concepts

         -        promote the discovery of theorems, instead of just showing them

         -        help model real-life situations.

Generate classroom resources by inserting text or pictures in a figure, modifying graphical elements, copying/pasting into other software and producing high-quality printouts.

Present activities to students, have them manipulate figures, observe and guide them. Using Cabri allows you to better assess individual student comprehension.

Expand online by integrating figures that can be manipulated on web pages or by incorporating Microsoft Office® documents.

Have students solve problems directly linked to the NCTM standards with possible interdisciplinary connections to physics, geography and the arts.

Focus on some features

Numeric and geometric tools

Unique 3D visualisation tools

• Through tools that facilitate visualisation, students and teachers can:

         - Adjust viewing angles turning around the scene

         - Appreciate the rendering of depth of the scene.

Animation tools: Particularly stimulating for students, the tools enable them to simultaneously put several elements of a construction in motion. It is ideal for modeling physical phenomena.

• Different representations and perspectives of the same figure: the three angles of technical design, various perspectives…

Replay the construction tool replays the user’s construction. 

Single User £59 + vat
10-User £195 + vat
Site Licence £395 + vat
Site + Student home use £625 + vat plus £200 + vat p.a.

Single User £50 + vat
10-User £175 + vat
Site Licence £350 + vat
Site + Student home use £550 + vat plus £175 + vat p.a.

Cabri II Plus and Cabri 3D v2 £589 + vat


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Click here to buy a single user licence of this revolutionary software now









Click here to buy a single user licence of this revolutionary software now


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