Becta BETT Awards 2007 Winner: "Cabri 3D is a 3D visualisation tool that allows secondary school students to explore the properties of 3D space and solid geometry with mathematical rigour.  The product is closely aligned to the shape, space and measures aspect of the Maths National Curriculum.  Students can quickly create and manipulate shapes in creative ways that would be impossible to replicate with solid objects."

BETT Award Winner Press Release and images plus judges' comments.

Becta film of Cabri 3D in use at Oakmeeds Community College.

Cabri 3D: interactive mathematics software wins BETT Award

Until now three-dimensional geometry was difficult to teach and learn in the classroom. Cabri 3D v2 uniquely allows pupils to explore solid and space geometry. Designed and developed by experts in user interface design, mathematics and teaching, Cabri philosophy is based on direct engagement of pupils, giving them simple, intuitive and reliable tools to discover mathematical properties by themselves.

With Cabri 3D v2 teachers can:

And pupils can:

Cabri Software helps students perform better in mathematics as recent independent research has showed. The study over 6 years with 15,000 secondary school pupils demonstrated a 30% improvement in maths learning efficiency and scores - thanks to Cabri software.

“Cabri 3D has helped me making crucial mathematical conjectures in three dimensions before I prove them analytically. The software makes challenging problems more accessible.” - Wei-Chi Yang, Ph.D.Founder of the Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics (ATCM)

Over the last 20 years, with more than 100 million users, Cabri software has become a worldwide reference to help students explore and learn 2D and/or 3D mathematics on computers, graphing calculators and interactive whiteboards.

Cabri II Plus and Cabri 3D v2 are accredited and recommended as the leading interactive and intuitive tools for mathematics learning on interactive whiteboards by the top three makers:

Hitachi Cabri ready                           SmartBoard Ready        

The BETT Award for best Digital Content (Secondary Core Subjects) establishes Cabri 3D as world class software for the classroom.

Cabri 3D is published by Cabrilog and available in the UK and Ireland from Chartwell-Yorke Ltd.  Training videos and a free 30-day version may be downloaded from, or on CD from Chartwell-Yorke, 114 High Street, Belmont Village, Bolton, Lancs, BL7 8AL,  tel 01204 811001, fax 01204 811008.