Alternate Segment Theorem

See the new introductory video, 4 page summary and manual extension Windows 10 compatible and much easier to install.

Visualise maths in 2D and 3D at the click of a mouse

Autograph is the only software to let you visualise maths in 2D and 3D with ease. There are no arcane commands to learn - just point and click. Left click to select an object and right click for a context sensitive menu of mathematical actions. With Autograph, it's just you and the maths.  You are free to go wherever enquiry takes you!

Perfect for Interactive Whiteboards and PCs - or control from your Tablet or iPad

Autograph allows you to explore secondary and college maths dynamically and with ease - no matter what the size of screen.  

The program’s whiteboard 'scribble' and 'rubout' tools belong to Autograph, so the writing does not disappear (as it can do on most whiteboards).

Additionally 'Whiteboard Mode' provides large writing and thick lines - so they can be seen no matter where students are seated in the classroom.

No long term tuition or preparation needed

Every maths teacher in your school can learn to use Autograph within the hour.   For specific issues, the built-in 3 minute tutorials cover each topic from basic Year 7 maths to advanced calculus. 

Perfect for the Classroom

The intuitive interface for both teachers and students allows you and the class to focus on maths - there's no programming.
This is also the only software with the “Slow Plot” option: an essential tool to assist learning. 
Plus we have the “Dynamic Constant Controller” so you can see changes on the fly, step by step or in one go.
And then there is the Dynamic Animation Controller which brings all the maths herein to life.

Share maths models as dynamic web pages

The Autograph Player allows files created using the new “Export to Web” feature in 3.3 to be manipulated dynamically in all the common PC browsers.
So all your Autograph activities can be explored by students anywhere – including on the school learning platform.  The students don’t even need to have Autograph software.
Autograph activities can be quickly created and saved to HTML (e.g. for use in a VLE or Wiki). Anyone opening such an activity for the first time in Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari will automatically download the Autograph Player (which is installed anyway for all Autograph users).

Easily import data, represent it in Autograph, then export to Word or Web

There's lots of educationally useful UK and world data on the Autograph website, and you can also import data from anywhere on the web, or from Excel and other sources.  All imports go directly into Autograph via a simple copy and paste technique.
You can also represent, manipulate and analyse your data dynamically in Autograph with mathematical rigour and precision.  Proper histograms are offered for example, with variable class interval widths - then copy and paste into Word documents to print and share, or save it as a web page.

Use photos or images as backgrounds to bring STEM topics to life

You can make maths even more dynamic by adding photos and images as your background.
Import any graphic image, adjust the opacity so you can see your graphed model clearly, and fit functions to natural phenomena.  Whether it be fitting a quartic through five points to find the equation of an arch, or the trajectory of a projectile, or geometric features of architecture, the procedure is totally straightforward.  
Altogether it is a great way to relate maths to real world phenomena and engage attention.
In Autograph 3.3, image handling has been improved: you can paste or drag image files into Autograph, and you can drag images straight off Firefox pages.

What’s more geometry has been expanded, with new angle measurement tools and marking.
Indeed text annotation is now dynamic too. There's a dockable results box, tabbed workspaces and a redesigned and an expanded Help and Training system. It's a great time to upgrade.

Autograph 3.3 on the Mac

Download the Mac free trial. Autograph 3.3 now runs seamlessly on all Intel-based Apple Mac computers, including Mountain Lion. All the features of the PC version have been implemented (*) and AGG files will be fully interchangeable between the two systems.

Where possible the Mac interface has been adopted, so Ctrl-Click gives a Right-Click. The CTRL key is otherwise affected by the APPLE (command) key/

(*) The Save to Web feature has only been partially implemented for MAC browsers; however this feature will be fully available in a future release of the MAC version.

Using Autograph from an iPad or Tablet PC wirelessly as you roam the classroom. 

See how in this video of The Perse School, Cambridge, using Autograph this way.

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