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Trinity Maths empowers Maths teachers & Maths tutors with a versatile resource which delivers fluency, reasoning and problem-solving content for lessons at all levels

Contains a vast range of Starters, Main and Plenary activities for use with all types of PCs, notebooks, interactive whiteboards and data projectors

Develops pupils' calculator free, calculator friendly and calculator focused maths skills and boosts their performance in formative assessments and GCSEs

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"Maximizes the power and potential of the ICT, the successful teacher and the pupil."

After 18 years of research & development, Version 3 of this BETT Award nominated programme now addresses the broader, deeper, increased demands of the new National Curriculum and new GCSE (9-1). It contains a vast array of versatile teaching content which can be used within all phases of the mathematics lesson. The activities engage and enthuse pupils and empower teachers with an intuitive and highly effective resource which is a delight to teach with and inspiring for pupils to learn from.

"...multiple clue buttons provide differentiation to include lower ability pupils."

Activities support differentiation through annotations and methods and are adaptable for extension and enrichment work. Trinity Maths incorporates classic traditional and new innovative approaches to teaching all topics at all levels of ability. It greatly complements algebraic graph plotting and dynamic geometry software most schools already successfully utilise.

"...extension and enrichment activities address the needs of gifted and talented pupils."

With Trinity Maths, the potential for teachers to skillfully interact with content embedded with true mathematical integrity is fulfilled enabling them to teach in a dynamic, investigative and explorative style. The diverse learning experience encountering multiple perspectives, processes and activities this provides represents a secure path to mastery and beyond for students of mathematics.

Matt Dunbar
Author, Trinity Maths
Director, eStarters Ltd