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Develop students' understanding of data, numbers,
probability, and graphs with TinkerPlots 2.

TinkerPlots software is designed to get students from primary to age 13 excited about what they can learn from data. You and your students will analyse data by creating colourful visual representations that will help your students make sense out of real data and recognise patterns as they unfold. TinkerPlots is the optimal tool to help your students master probability and statistics concepts in the National Curriculum.

New! With the Sampler Engine, students can design and run probability simulations, then plot the results to give a visual representation of the outcomes over many samples. With the Sampler Engine, TinkerPlots expands its focus from data and statistics to incorporate probability.

New! TinkerPlots includes 16 new activities to enhance students' dynamic study of probability, data, and statistics.

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