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Learning Numerical Analysis through DERIVE Terence Etchells, John Berry
This book covers the major numerical methods, and their analysis, for first courses at college and undergraduate level. The relative merits of each method are covered both analytically, providing a thorough grounding in the algebraic approach, and practically, through the tried and tested computer lab-based activities.
DERIVE provides a platform on which to quickly and accurately perform many complicated numerical calculations. Also, DERIVE's ability to algebraically manipulate expressions and perform calculus operations, enhances the investigation of the convergence of numerical methods.
Each chapter includes the development and algebraic analysis of the methods, lab-based activities, ideas for coursework, case studies, exercises and solutions. Free supporting utility files are available from Terence Etchells' website.
Chapter 1 introduces the basic tool of numerical methods, which is recurrence relations, their solution and ill-conditioning problems. In chapter 2 we use recurrence relations methods that are used in solving equations. Chapter 3 deals with the approximation of functions by polynomials, and in particular the Taylor Polynomial, which is then used extensively in chapter 4 to analyse the errors associated with numerical methods.
Chapters 5 and 6 deal with numerical approaches to the calculus of differentiation and integration. In chapter 7 we introduce and analyse numerical methods of solving differential equations.
239 Pages, 1997, 15.95 Pounds Sterling
Cover of "Learning Numerical Analysis through DERIVE"
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