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MathType is a powerful interactive tool for Windows and Macintosh that lets you create mathematical notation for word processing, web pages, desktop publishing, presentations, and for TeX, LaTeX, and MathML documents.
"... version 5 was excellent, but release 6 is even better. I get more done, in less time, with less investment of attention span, with no compatibility problems and no conscious awareness of learning curve; which sounds to me like a good definition of the ideal upgrade."

Felix Grant
Science Writer

"I love this product (and use it every day)... I am ecstatic!!!!"
Donna Roberts
Mathematics Educator
"MathType 6.0 is the most significant upgrade ever to a terrific add-in to Microsoft Office. The tabbed “ribbon” and drop-down menus installed in Office 2007 are much clearer and easier to navigate than the older toolbar. New options for publishing to “MathPage”, for numbering equations and converting them to TeX have made 6.0 indispensable for anyone who writes squiggles [equations]."
William F. Shughart II
F.A.P. Barnard Distinguished Professor of Economics;
Editor in Chief, Public Choice; The University of Mississippi, Department of Economics
"It has always been great to sketch things out using your product before fine tuning equations using LaTeX, but the new LaTeX-to-MathType feature is marvelous. Instead of having to retype all my equations again to use in a PowerPoint presentation, I now can just cut and paste. This is the best software purchase I have made in a long time. Thank you very much for this great new version of your software."

Alfonso Limon
Chief Scientist
A&A Consulting Ca

"MathType has long been the best solution to input equations and similar content into Microsoft Office documents. This new version improves the integration and compatibility factors -- and provides a great new interface. There's tons of other improvements -- looks like MathType will continue being the best product in its category."
Geetesh Bajaj
Microsoft PowerPoint MVP
“MathType 5 delivers web magic. The new version 5 focuses on some web capabilities that provide what is, for now, the smoothest and most elegant way to display math on the web...For anyone else, especially those creating mathematical documents in Word or producing mathematically rich web pages, MathType is an essential tool.”
Barry Simon
Desktop Engineering
“I've used MathType for publishing 100's of technical journal articles, conference papers, presentations, reports, class notes, etc. I switched from LaTeX back in the late 1980's and have never gone back.”
Prof. Stephen D. Gedney
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY
“I have been using MathType since Version 2 in conjunction with several MS Office products to produce crisp, clear, and professional looking Mathematical documents. Its custom features allow me to save time by building macros and to produce documents 'my way'. Also, I have trained many teachers in our Eisenhower and Teacher Quality Grant to use MathType by guiding them through the excellent tutorials contained in the MathType reference manual. In addition, their Director of Training and other staff members have always been quite knowledgeable and prompt when I needed assistance. In short, I’ll use MathType ‘till math do I part!'”
Dr. J Terry Wilson
San Jacinto College
Pasadena, TX
“MathType is a treasure that lets me make and edit custom quizzes, tests, worksheets. This way I don’t have to recreate them from year to year. It lets me do anything I ever wanted to do with Math and Word.”
Jennifer Silverman
High School Math Teacher
Miss Porter's School
Farmington, CT
“I use MathType in preparing course materials for my students. I also use it in typesetting mathematical formulas in PowerPoint talks for research presentations. I am extremely impressed with the results.”
James Keesling
Professor of Mathematics
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL
“I have been using [MathType] for years, and can't imagine trying to live in a math or science classroom without it.”
John Mann
High School Science Teacher
Lewis Palmer High School
Monument, CO
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