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Improving Mathematics Teaching with DERIVE: a guide for teachers B. Kutzler
Computer algebra systems are a new generation of mathematical tools. They let you process symbolic data (e.g. formulae, expressions, equations) as fast and accurately as a scientific calculator processing numbers. This makes computer algebra systems the biggest challenge to mathematics education in history.
This book is an introduction to using the computer algebra system DERIVE for teaching mathematics. The author explains the "scaffolding didactics" as a method of using computer algebra systems for teaching mathematics alongside existing, traditional, curricula. He also develops a contemporary, information technology age, concept for teaching mathematics by discussing the following questions:
* Which established topics can be omitted?
* Which traditional topics require more attention?
* Which new topics may be added?
* Which new classroom techniques can be applied?
* Which new teaching goals should be considered?
The book also gives ready-made recipes for using the system in teaching certain topics, gives tips and tricks for using DERIVE, describes a useful non-documented product feature, and provides a look "inside" computer algebra systems. The book is written for mathematics teachers at schools, colleges and universities.

CONTENTS: Introduction; What DERIVE can do; DERIVE in Traditional Mathematics Teaching; The Future of Mathematics Teaching; Examples for Teaching; Tips and Tricks; Your own system - user defined menus; How Does a Computer Algebra System Work? DERIVE and 250 of history - Quo Vadis? Index.
185 pages, 1996, 14.50 Pounds Sterling.

Cover of "Improving Mathematics Teaching with DERIVE"
Bernhard Kutzler holds a PhD in mathematics, has written numerous publications in the field of computer algebra, and teaches at the University of Linz.
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