Learning Linear Algebra through DERIVE B. Denton,
The book covers a two-semester course. It assumes no prior knowledge of matrices and vectors and therefore is suitable for 6th formers or undergraduates. The book can be used without teacher assistance. The applications touch on: networks, steady-state and Markov processes, economics, coding, quadratic forms and conic sections and differential equations.
Answers to all the exercises, and solutions to all the consolidation exercises, are included. There is also a full index of definitions as well as a comprehensive Bibliography for Further Reading and sources for more exercises. The book finishes with a five page index. CONTENTS: Introduction to matrices; Determinants; Vectors with applications to geometry; More matrices; Systems of linear equations; Vector spaces and linear transformations, Eigenvectors and eigenvalues; Orthogonal matrices; Some applications; Conclusions; Solutions.
296 pages, 1995, 16.95 Pounds Sterling.
Cover of "Learning Linear Algebra through DERIVE"
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