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The First World War

History Matters has a brand new series of 27 ebooks, 12 timelines and 10 presentations on the First World War that has been designed specially for primary and secondary schools.

With over 1600 contemporary photographs, original colour illustrations, maps and diagrams, the History Matters resources of the First World War trace the details of the conflict, from the complexity of its origins, through the many battle fronts, to the end of the war and the consequences of the peace settlement.

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Saxons, Vikings and Normans

The age of invasions of the Anglo-Saxon tribes from northern Germany, the Vikings and the Normans established and shaped the kingdom of England, and forms an essential period of study for all schools.

History Matters’ coverage of this fascinating period contains texts by several authors, including GCSE (9-1) textbooks for the in-depth studies of Anglo-Saxon and Norman England, illustrated with specially commissioned artwork and colour photographs, as well as original source material, such as the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, detailed timelines and presentations, and historical novels.

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The Tudors

The stories of some of England’s most famous kings and queens, and their leading statesmen, can be found in the Tudor collections - from the Battle of Bosworth and the founding of the Tudor dynasty, to the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

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Romans and Roman Britain

Regarded as the world’s first super-power, the Roman empire at its height stretched from Britain to the Middle-East. This topic covers Roman life, technology, empire and their influence to this day. These books and presentations are written especially for primary schools.

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