Spreadsheets and Numerical Analysis D. McLaren

Cover of "Spreadsheets and Numerical Analysis"

Using spreadsheets as a powerful tool to discover numerical analysis at college and undergraduate level. The text includes examples to illustrate the various methods discussed and includes appropriate sample spreadsheets. Many are structured so that the reader has the exercise of finishing them in order to see the results mentioned in the text. It is intended that readers' curiosity will lead them to explore beyond the given problems.
The book is based on a second year course taught by the author in the La Trobe University School of Mathematics. The mathematical knowledge assumed is that gained from first-year mathematics, namely basic calculus and elementary matrix algebra.
Contents: Introduction to the spreadsheet; Convergence of sequences; Simultaneous linear equations; Solution of non-linear equations; Numerical integration; Ordinary differential equations; Partial differential equations.
250 pages, 1997, 15.95 Pounds Sterling.

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