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The best way to make your classes more interactive and increase student participation.

Become a tech-savvy digital facilitator equipped with fun & easy-to-use EdTech.

Use on Desktops and Laptops. In your Web-browser.

No set up is required. Just use Augmented Classroom for web directly in your browser. Chromebooks are covered.

Use on Desktops and Laptops. In your Web-browser.

Mobile Devices Available? Get Mobile Version.

Use Augmented Classroom for mobile devices (iOS and Android) for enhanced Augmented Reality experience.

Mobile Devices Available? Get Mobile Version.

Touch board in your classroom? Available on any touch board.

Install Augmented Classroom mobile apps on your touch board and enjoy the immersive lessons.

Touch board in your classroom? Available on any touch board.

Full Range of STEM Curriculum-Based Solutions You Need

Engage your students in fun collaborative projects in the augmented environment with paired schools around the world


Consume & explore content
CleverBooks products can be used individually and in groups. The content of our STEM solutions is based on global curriculum guidelines and is recommended as a supplementary material in schools.

Create & Co-create

Consume & explore content
Already used pre-designed content? Ready to start with creating your own? CleverBooks provides the opportunity to learn by creating your own realities and cooperating globally with other schools.


Consume & explore content
We support global classroom collaboration practices. This helps kids to interact at a multi-cultural level with the latest Augmented Reality technology. Is your school ready to collaborate to educate?
Augmented Classroom is intuitive and easy to use.
CleverBooks has created User Guides for your smooth and easy experience with Augmented Classroom.
You can access user guides for both web-based and mobile versions after logging in.
Start using Augmented Classroom by CleverBooks absolutely free. Free account is free forever.
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