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Software for learning arithmetic and algebra

Aplusix is an innovative software, developed by the Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble to help students learn arithmetic and algebra.

Aplusix reinforces students' skills, reduces mistakes in their working out, and shows students how to solve exercises.

Good arithmetic and algebra skills are necessary for further studies.

Aplusix is an excellent addition to school and extracurricular training. It can be used independently or with the guidance of a teacher or a tutor.
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Six good reasons to use Aplusix
  • Mathematical expressions can be typed in easily.
  • Student's own free calculations are checked by the application.
  • 1000 exercises ready to go and new exercises can be entered easily (e.g. from textbooks or worksheets).
  • Skills improvement (proved by scientific experiments).
  • Three companions can make suggestions and perform calculation steps.
  • An application that helps students enjoy mathematics (proved by interviews of students).

Aplusix: a small price for a big service
10 € for a year. Permanent licence: 44 €.
See all prices, purchase.
Free 10 days evaluation: Download.

Lastest version:  Aplusix 3.06 (March 2011).
Runs on Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7.
For Linux and Mac, try it with Wine
or CrossOver http://www.codeweavers.com

Aplusix modes

In Practise mode, the students solve questions by performing their own calculations. If they don't know what to do, they can request a companion to make a suggestion or a calculation step. Aplusix automatically verifies the students' calculations and the completion of questions.

In Test mode, students work for 30 minutes without any feedback. At the end of the test, they get a score and can enter Self-correcting mode.

In Self-correction mode, students review their own work. Correct and incorrect calculations are clearly marked and they can see whether they have completed the question or not. They can correct their calculations with the same level of feedback as in Practise mode, including the use of companions.

In Review mode, students review their work. Correct and incorrect calculations are clearly marked and they can see whether they have completed the question or not. A replay system is also available to them.

Many exercises, covering most aspects of the Number and Algebra strands of the UK National Curriculum and a lot of the algebraic content of Foundation and Higher GCSE, allow to practise, understand, and become efficient: numerical calculations, expansions and simplifications, factorising, solving equations and inequalities, simultaneous equations.

In addition to the provided exercises, it is possible to do homework and to practise with exercises given by the teacher (e.g. from textbooks or worksheets).

Scientific experiments led in several countries, under the control of mathematical education researchers, have shown that with Aplusix students work more, become self-confident and independent, and improve their skills.

Aplusix tour

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Aplusix is distributed in UK and Ireland by Chartwell-Yorke Ltd
in France by Aristod, in Italy by by Media Direct, in Benelux by Rhombus
in other countries by Aristod and Chartwell-Yorke Ltd.

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