Chartwell-Yorke Maths ICT


An In-Depth Look

TinkerPlots software enhances your elementary and middle school students' ability to understand and analyse data.

TinkerPlots® motivates students to investigate data and deepen their understanding of data analysis. Students gain graphing skills and can explore their graphs to identify common measures such as the mean, median, mode, and more.

With TinkerPlots, students can:

  • Design and run probability simulations with the new Sampler Engine
  • Download data from the Internet, copy it from a spreadsheet, or enter it by hand
  • Create dot plots, pie charts, map graphs, histograms, scatter plots, and their own original graphs from scratch by ordering, stacking, and separating data icons
  • Automatically update every representation and calculation as they drag, add, delete, or select the data
  • Use reference lines, dividers, and a drawing tool to intuitively analyze data
  • Add features, such as the mean or median, or a box plot, and then draw on the plot to find patterns and analyze the data