Teachers’ Notes:

How to navigate through the course and use these Powerpoint files:

1. There are 3 ways to start a presentation:

2. To advance through a presentation, use the left mouse button, space bar or the right keyboard arrow.

3. To start a presentation part way through, Open the presentation, left click the slide where you want to start and select Slide Show and From Current Slide from the tool bar. At any time the presentation can be stopped by using the right mouse button and selecting End Show.

4. The 1st and 2nd icons in the lower righthand corner of most slides can be used to move back or forward a page.

Printing Slides:

If the presentation isn’t open, from Powerpoint select File, Open and navigate to the file required. On the main menu select Print. Options are given to print up to 6 slides per page.

Customising files:

The files are “read only” but can be saved under a new name and then altered as you wish. The colours have been chosen to be clear in most lighting conditions but can be tweaked if necessary. Open a file, select view and view master and slide master. Right click and choose background, click on the colour arrow and choose more colours. Try a standard colour (or custom colour) near to the one used. Alterations can also be made to the slide contents. Microsoft equation editor has been used for the equations. You may need to ungroup (on the draw menu) in order to make alterations and re-animate the slides after alterations.

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