"This is the Whiteboard Maths of A Level. It is a series of PowerPoint files that covers the whole of the A Level course. Volume 1 is A/S, Volume 2 is A2, and Volume 3 is Statistics. The coverage and detail are extremely impressive, and once again if you are looking to introduce some ICT into A Level teaching, then there is no better single package around. But once again, be warned - each slide contains so much detail that it can be overwhelming for students if they are merely clicked through."
- Craig Barton


1 Straight Lines and Gradients
2 Midpoint and Length
3 Factorisation
4 Translations and Completing the Square
5 Solving Equations
6 Roots, Surds and Discriminant
7 More Graphs and Translations
8 Simultaneous Equations and Intersections
9 Linear and Quadratic Inequalities
10 Polynomials
11 The Rule for Differentiation
12 Tangents and Gradients
13 Stationary Points
14 Stationary Points – another notation and applications
15 Gradient of a Tangent as a Limit
16 Circles
17 Circles, Lines and Tangents
18 Circle Problems
19 Laws of Indices
20 Stretches
21 The Factor Theorem
22 Division and the Remainder Theorem
23 Harder Surds
24 Indefinite Integration
25 Definite Integration
26 Definite Integration and Areas
27 Harder Differentiation
28 Harder Stationary Points
29 The Binomial Expansion
30 Sequences and Series
31 Arithmetic Series
32 Geometric Series
33 Geometric Series – Sum to Infinity
34 A Trig Formula for Area of a Triangle
35 The Sine Rule
36 The Cosine Rule
37 Graphs of Sine Theta and Cos Theta
38 The Graph of Tan Theta
39 Trig Ratios of 3 Special Angles
40 Radians, Arc Length and Sector Area
41 Trig Equations
42 Harder Trig Equations
43 Quadratic Trig Equations
44 Stretches of Trig Functions
45 The Graph of y = a^x
46 Indices and Laws of Logarithms
47 More Logarithms and Indices
48 More Laws of Logarithms
49 Using Logs to Reduce to Linear Form
50 Harder Indefinite Integration
51 The Trapezium Rule

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